The Importance of Incremental Changes

I touched on this topic on a recent Instagram post. I was taking about the big January ‘reset’ or ‘health kick’. My advice was to not do it. Yep, you read that correctly, don’t go for a major health kick in January. Why? Well, in my humble opinion, people who want to make a big instant change, often wanting to experience immediate results, have a ‘all or nothing’ attitude. And if they fail and one thing, they think they’ve failed at it all so completely give up. The result? No positive health benefits, perhaps even worse.

A great example of this is yo-yo dieting. Trying to cut out certain foods groups or hit a certain calorie target only to find it too difficult and days later having a ‘fuck it’ attitude to food and ending up eating more than when the diet started.

The Better Option…

Personally I’ve noticed the biggest changes (to clients and both myself) when the aim is to make small, incremental changes, at a pace that works for you. The key? Patience. Not expecting everything to change at once, and enjoying the journey. When you couple patience with incremental changes, you see health changes that last in the long-run. Health changes that become sustainable!

Feel like you want to make changes to your health but think a health kick is the place to start? Or just unsure of where to start? That’s where I can help 😊I work with clients to make long-lasting, sustainable changes to their health. If this sounds like something you might be interested in but don’t want to commit, no problem, you can check out my programs, contact me for any questions or book a free consultation, I’m all ears.

P.S. To keep you tempted by long-term changes, I’m offering 20% off all health transformation programs if you sign-up before the end of January – no quick fixes here!

Love Emma x

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