The “F*ck it” Mentality

A couple of weeks ago I gave a short presentation about health coaching and my coaching values. In the presentation I touched upon what I like to call the “f*ck it” mentality”.

Personally I think the health space is too perfect. When people look at health coaches and similar figures within the health space, it looks like they’re nailing life everyday. In turn, this makes people (I used to be one of these people) think that to be healthy, you pretty much have to be perfect. Obviously this is completely unrealistic but more importantly it leads to an all or nothing mindset, basically what I call the “f*ck it mentality”.

For example: you’re told chocolate isn’t ‘healthy’ and is ‘bad for you’, so you decide not to eat any chocolate. This means when you do eat some chocolate (which we all do because we’re human) you think, “Fuck it, I’ve eaten a bit so I might as well eat the rest of the bar”.

This is exactly why I like to be realistic and focus on achieving balance. You don’t have to be perfect to be healthy, in fact thinking that may lead to unhealthy habits. You don’t have to exercise everyday or eat clean all-day everyday. Of course you can focus on eating nutrient dense food and moving our body, but to think you’ll do this all the time is unrealistic and you put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Life ebbs and flows, sometimes it’s full of joy, sometimes it’s full of grief. Some days we eat more vegetables, some days we eat more chocolate and desserts. Life is about balance, there’s no perfect way to do it.

By being realistic and focusing on balance, we can take unnecessary pressure off ourselves and are able to make sustainable, long-lasting changes. If you’d like to achieve more balance in your life, why not schedule a free consultation with me or drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.

Love Emma x

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