Resetting after a BIG weekend

Last weekend was BIG. I had a very good friends 30th on Saturday followed by a Swedish midsommer party on Sunday. It was an absolute hoot but let’s say I didn’t feel so bright come Monday morning. In fact, I felt pretty tired and anxious. Of course, as a health coach I should say that not drinking in the first place would be the best, but let’s be realistic. Life is to be enjoyed and lived. So what did I do to reset?

  • I drank a LOT of water. Alcohol dehydrates the body. Personally I’m always more swollen after drinking (it’s a good look). I drink lots of water not just to rehydrate but also to try and flush those pesky toxins out of the body.
  • Got sweaty. I woke up pretty early on Monday so I hopped out of bed and decided to go to the gym before my morning meeting. Why? I wanted to sweat out those toxins. And damn did I get sweaty. It was hard, but I knew in the long run I’d feel better for it and sleep better on Monday night.
  • Ate well. I really focused on eating nourishing food, that was high in fibre (functions as the “cleanup” crew of the body)₁. So I ate lots of fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and complex carbs (wholegrains).
  • Was kind to myself. I get quite bad ‘hangxiety’ after a big weekend and can feel very anxious for no apparent reason (I’m not generally an anxious person). So keeping this in mind, I recognised how I was feeling, the reason for it, and didn’t beat myself up about it. I knew in a few days I would feel better, I just had to be patient and kind.
  • Got some sun and fresh air. It was a beautiful day on Monday so I went down to the lake (Geneva) to get some sun. Getting some sunshine not only boots your serotonin levels (much needed after a lot was used up on the weekend) but also exposure to sunlight during the day helps balance your hormones to get a better nights sleep₂. I also went roller-blading for the first time in a long time and the activity kept my brain occupied whilst the movement made my body feel good.

It’s now Thursday and although I’m a little tired, I’m feeling much better. I guess now that I’m in my 30s the recovery isn’t a quick as it used to be…

How do you reset after a heavy weekend? I’d love to hear in the comments section below!

Love, Emma x


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