My Social Media Detox

I announced on socials a couple of weeks ago that I was going to do a ‘digital detox’. Actually what I should have said was a ‘social media detox’ (doing a website redesign in the last two weeks completely nulled the idea of digital). I decided to take some time off social media, in both terms of creating content, but also consuming content. So I logged out of all my Facebook and Instagram accounts, both personal and professional, and moved the two apps to a 4th home screen. Why? Because I wanted to increase my barriers to get back on them.

How did it go?

It worked! The first few days I caught myself going to the normal app locations to kill some time / distract myself / look for that social dopamine hit. After a while I stopped picking up my phone out of habit. I initially decided to do at least a week off social media. But I actually enjoyed it so much that I decided to continue for a second week (although admittedly I did log on a couple of times in the second week for some updates).

the results.

I found I had much more time. In the last two weeks I’ve managed to:

  • had more time to think (about almost everything)
  • redesign my website
  • restructure my pricing strategy
  • meditate everyday
  • set new goals & implement new habits
  • read almost everyday
  • listened to more podcasts and music

What did I learn?

DAMN. I can spend a lot of time on social media. Got 5 mins to kill? Scroll Insta. On the bus? Check out reels. Lost concentration? Check out Facebook quickly. It definitely made me realise the amount of times I go on social media (and this is from someone who works in digital marketing and understands how they work!). I also learnt how much people are on it when you’re around them – they don’t appear present in the moment and are sometimes hard to talk to!

I’ll definitely be taking at least two weeks a year completely off social media, preferably more. Of course the difficulty is that as a business owner I feel I have to be present on it, but I’ve also learnt that it’s not where 100% of my business model lies, so 100% my effort and time shouldn’t be there either.

What are your thoughts on social media consumption? Do you find it hard to change habits? If you’re looking for support, around habits or lifestyle changes, please feel free check out my health transformation programs or get in contact.

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