I stopped the workouts for a week

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a workout. I love getting sweaty (which is lucky as I’m a full-on sweater – see photo below) and setting up my day with some post-workout, feel-good endorphins. I also love feeling fit and strong.

Note : I used to use this as an excuse to workout when I was experiencing disordered eating (being fit and strong) but actually it was an excuse to burn calories.

So why stop working out if I love it so much?

The Reasons

Well there a couple of reasons that got me to the decision of stopping the workouts for a week. Firstly, I was feeling tired. Like really tired. I’ve had a fair amount on recently and both my mind and body just felt exhausted. I woke up one morning and felt a sore throat coming on. I did a workout the same day. It was a struggle all the way through and I didn’t feel better for it. That was when I knew it was detrimental to carry on working out just for the sake of it.

Secondly, and actually more importantly for me on a personal note, I started to get an old feeling creeping back in. I felt I was working out because I had to, not because I was enjoying it. This took me back to my disordered eating days and let me tell you now, I do not want to get back into that mindset. So I got that idea and decided to knee it right in the moneymaker. I decided not to give that feeling any air time and stoped the workouts completely for a week.

What did I change?

If I’m being honest. Absolutely nothing.

  • Did I eat less calories? No.
  • Did I still eat chocolate everyday? Yes. Twice a day.
  • Did I avoid carbs? Hell no.
  • Did I remain ‘active’? Yes. I walked places and did some yoga (I’m actually on Milly Harrison‘s 30 day yoga challenge which I’m loving, but if it’s hadn’t have been for that, I probably wouldn’t have done any).

How did I feel during the week?

Taking a week off was great. I had more time to focus on myself and I relaxed a lot. I cemented my morning meditation practice and probably saw my mates a bit more too. I missed the sweat and feel good endorphins a bit, but knowing my body needed it, it didn’t bother me.

Now unfortunately I’ve got a gammy knee. This means I should bike at least twice a week (🤯🔫). Not biking for a week, I definitely felt a negative difference in my knee, especially when I went skiing. So if I was to do this again (spoiler alert: I will), I might jump on the bike once or twice just to keep the knee fluids moving.

After a week off my body felt ready to get back into it. The first workout back I smashed it. I felt the most motivated I had done in a long time. I am back into working out because I enjoy it.

What did I find out?

We’ve got to listen to our bodies. Any tiredness, pain, or symptoms might be a sign that we’re over doing it. If you’re working out because you love your body, please don’t forget you need to give it time to rest. I’ll definitely be taking more planned time off working out in the future.

How is your relationship with exercise? Has it become obsessive? If you’re looking for any help or advice please feel free to reach out and contact me, I’m always happy to help.

Have a fab day,

Love Emma x

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