Beat the Binge

I get a lot of people (friends, family, clients) often talking to me about their ‘binges’.

“I ate SO much last night and I couldn’t stop”

“I just needed to eat some chocolate and then I ate the whole bar”

What is binge eating?

Binge eating involves consuming large quantities of food very quickly, even when not hungry, and to the point of being uncomfortable. Everyone does it once in a while, but it can also become a disorder₁. There are a few symptoms of binge eating but the two main ones are:

  • Eating a larger than normal amount of food over a short period of time
  • Feeling that this eating behaviour is out of control

The key is to notice if this is becoming a regular occurrence as binge eating can have real negatives effect on your life and well-being.

What causes a binge?

So it is quite easy to recognise a binge, but why do they happen? Binge eating is an action. Actions come from thoughts and feelings, and feelings come from belief systems. There is not normally one cause of binge eating but it can be useful to think about patterns that may lead to binging. Try asking your self these questions:

  • Are you restricting? (dieting, calorie counting)
  • Do you have food rules? (e.g. no refined carbs, no added sugar, carbs are bad)
  • Are you scared of gaining weight?
  • Do you emotionally eat?

As mentioned ablove your belief systems lead to thoughts, which then lead to actions. By identifying why you binge then you can work towards steps to improve your habits.

Let’s look at an example:

  1. Belief system : believing you have to be a certain size to be attractive
  2. Thought : I have to loose weight
  3. Action : Don’t eat carbs. Then body is left feeling under nourished and you binge later.

How to beat the binge

Often, it’s not going to be a quick fix. There is a lot of mental work that needs to be done to overcome belief systems but simply recognising the patterns is a great place to start. Looking at the example above I would work with someone who believed this to try and understand WHY they believed this. Once you understand the root cause of the problem (where the belief stems from), then you can take actionable steps to improve it, such as changing mindset and introducing carbs into a balanced diet.

Does this blog hit a note with you? Do you find you often binge but are unsure why, or how to fix it? If you feel like you might need some help with binging, or any eating habits, please feel free to contact me or book a consultation (it’s completely free).

Have a great day,

Love Emma x

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