7 Ways to Improve Body Image

What is the best way to improve your body image?

Summer is almost here. This can be quite triggering for some people, especially those who have a negative relationship with their body. So what are the ways to improve body image? What do I even mean by a negative relationship with your body?

Healthline define a negative relationship with your body as : A negative body image involves being overly focused on comparing your size, shape, or appearance to unrealistic ideals. Holding yourself to a thin-ideal or an athletic-ideal may cause you to develop unhealthy self-talk, low self-esteem, or disordered eating patterns.

If you’re wondering whether you have a negative body image, the following questions can help you gauge how positive or negative your body image is₁:

  • Do your feelings about your body interfere with your relationships, work, or activities?
  • Do you take extreme measures to avoid seeing your body?
  • Do you compulsively check and recheck your body — either weighing yourself, measuring your body parts, pinching your skin, or examining yourself in the mirror over and over again?
  • Do you feel the need to apply a heavy layer of makeup when you go out in public?
  • Do you use hats to cover your hair or baggy clothing to hide your body?
  • Do you pluck, shave, wax, or laser away hair excessively?
  • Have you had excessive plastic surgery?
  • Do you use harsh or unkind language to describe your body?
  • Do you intentionally damage your skin?
  • Do you experience powerful negative emotions when you think about your body?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions you may want to consider speaking to a professional about your body image.

7 WAYs to Improve Body Image

Here are 7 ways to improve body image and create a positive relationship with your body starting today:

1. Detox from social media : a break from constantly comparing yourself to the accounts you follow on Instagram or any other social media site could give you the space and mental clarity to reset your self-image.

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2. List things you like about your body : Although this may feel uncomfortable to do, it can help rewire your brain to how you think about your body. This is especially effective if you practice this regularly.

3. Appreciate your body for what it can do : Perhaps you can celebrate; going for a run, recovering from injury, or giving birth to a baby. Appreciating what our body can do, rather than punishing it to look a certain way, can improve our body image.

4. Think about how you view other people : When you think of other people what do you think of? Perhaps how kind they are? Their good sense of humour? Remembering that we don’t judge people solely, if at all, on their body image can help remind us that our body looking a certain way isn’t the most important thing in life.

7 ways to improve body image - Emma Carr Health Coach enjoying lake like in bikini

5. Surround yourself with positive people : and also people who don’t focus on how they look. Surrounding ourselves with positive people who don’t compare themselves increases the likelihood we’ll pick up their way of thinking.

6. Work with your body, not against it : wear clothes that are comfortable and fit. Give it rest days. Treat your body right and don’t fight it.

7. Find a purpose : We all want a purpose in life. If we don’t have purpose in our jobs, relationships, travel, life then you may find your purpose in food and exercise. This can lead to a need to want to diet all the time, or an obsession with how you look, leading to a negative body image.

As with everything in health, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We are all different. If you’re struggling with ways to improve body image and want someone to talk to please feel free to reach out and contact me. I’ve struggled hugely with my relationship with my body (and food) in the past and might be able to understand your problems, as well as help you out of the negative mindset.

Love Emma x


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